Adventures on the Gorge

  • Type: Whitewater rafting, zip line tours, rock climbing, cabins, camping, on-site dining, many more adventure activities
  • Region: Southeast
  • Season: Year-round

Gauley River RaftingAt our core, we at Adventures on the Gorge are nothing more than explorers who see in the human experience an overwhelming desire to seek a sense of awe.. and then relax like it’s never going to end.

That’s why we created a new kind of vacation destination—an adventure resort—where families, beginners, hard-core adventurers and every type of person in between could romp around the glens and gorges of West Virginia… and then return to decadent food, luxurious lodging and surprising amenities.

West Virginia ZiplineWhether your adventure cup of tea includes careening down steep mountain rivers on white water rafts, flying through and above the forest canopy on zip lines, scaling cliffs, or chilling out on sunny lakes, we can make it a reality. Whether your idea of relaxing is a hot tub, live music, over-the-top cuisine or endless hours poolside, we’ve got you covered.

And it’s all on the very rim of West Virginia’s New River Gorge, a mere stone’s throw from Summerville Lake and the Gauley River.

Adventures on the GorgeOur own story here began in 1969, when a gangly young man ran the New River in a homemade raft, then went on to co-found Mountain River Tours, the second commercial raft company in West Virginia. 1977… a group of guides at Mountain River Tours spun off to form Class-VI River Runners on the very site where Adventures on the Gorge now sits. 1978… a doctor and a businessman from Pennsylvania started one of the most creative outfitters ever seen, Songer Whitewater. 1980… a family of modern day voyageurs and adventures decided they could do it better and founded the Rivermen. 2007… we all came together to form the most unique vacation destination you’ll ever experience.

We are Adventures on the Gorge—THE adventure resort. Join us, and together we'll write a vacation story you never thought possible. We’ll help you find your own sense of awe, and in the process melt away the stress of everyday life.